Every Hole's A Piece Of Art In This Sculpture Garden Mini Golf Course

In their own way, a lot of miniature golf courses — with their twisting layouts, devious obstacles and over-the-top designs — can be considered art. Even if their sole purpose is to encourage tourists to pay to knock a ball around. But the Walker Art Center and the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden decided to join forces to take the idea of minigolf as art even further by hiring artists, architects, engineers and students to design the museum's annual artist-made minigolf course, Walker on the Green.

The results, which will be on display and totally playable until September 8, include everything from fun perspective-warping fun houses, to giant garden gnome foosball tables, to more abstract creations like a peaceful zen garden. It's a rare instance where crazy plaid golf pants aren't the boldest design statement on the course.

[Walker Art Center via It's Nice That]

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