Ed Husic Slams Adobe Over Forced Creative Cloud Move

What we all feared would happen, happened this morning when Adobe announced at its annual conference that it would move away from boxed Creative Suite software and push everyone into a subscription payment model with Creative Cloud. You'd never guess but the Government's IT pricing crusader, Ed Husic, is displeased with Adobe. Again.


Will Adobe’s Move To The Cloud Finally Keep The Pirates At Bay?

Adobe was dragged before the IT Pricing Inquiry a few months ago to justify the ludicrously-high mark-ups it hit Australians with for Creative Suite and Creative Cloud software.

It meekly responded that the increased pricing was for a "curated experience" for Australian customers: a response that received a resounding cough-concealed "bullshit" from the public. Husic now counts himself a member of the chorus.

"I don't think the 'curated experience' excuse stands up anymore. A lot of people don't accept what they're being charged versus the service they supposedly get for the higher price. Nobody is popping champagne corks over this. It's just a veneer to justify squeezing Aussie consumers," he tells us.

Creative Cloud prices have dropped in recent months, but there's no guarantee that they'll stay that way. Adobe is now forcing customers into the subscription-based Creative Cloud platform, and while it may be relatively inexpensive now, Husic is worried that Adobe will go back to mark-ups eventually.

"I have had two perspectives levelled as a result of this move: people have welcomed lower prices on Creative Cloud, but other people wonder if this is just a move to entice people over to the cloud only to be confronted by potential price increases to recoup the money lost via Adobe's initial discount," Husic told us today.

"There are a lot of people wanting to be convinced that this is a good move and the subscription mechanism is good, but based on everything that I have heard, there's a long way to go to get the thumbs-up from consumers on this."

The IT Pricing Inquiry is working on a report to present the government in the coming months.



    I've had a Creative Cloud subscription for over half a year now... I don't know what all the fuss is about. I use about a third of the products in it regularly in my workflow, and it's been amazing, especially doing collaborative work. Why is everyone so up in arms?

      Because everyone is different? That's all well and good that CC works for you; doesn't mean it works for everyone else.

        Look. they are a private company. If they want to charge $1 or $300,00 for their software then they should be able to.

        They aren't doing anything illegal, so they should be free to go about their BUSINESS/ Emphasis on business, given they are not a charity nor a publicly funded enterprise of any kind that needs to make their product or services suit every man, woman and child.

        I get why people are upset, unfortunately this is the global market place. If you don't like it then go back in time and move to communist Russia. I'll tell you right now, having come from a communist country this is the much MUCH better alternative.

          I realise all that, I know its their business therefore they run it how they want to, and charge what they want to. I'm just saying you can't deploy a one-fits-all solution and expect it to actually fit all. I was a bit harsh towards Harris yeah (my apologies) but what I mean is you can't phase out software like Creative Suite and expect everyone to be happy with moving to Creative Cloud.

          As for not liking it, I'll consider time travel but I'd rather use the solution I already do: don't use it. This doesn't affect me anyway, even Paint.NET does everything I need, lol.

            I don't think that they expect everyone to be happy.
            Not everyone was happy before, nor will everyone ever be happy in the future.

            It is simply not possible to keep everyone happy. Those that are not happy are free to seek alternatives such as what you have done and I am happy that it has worked out for you.

            There are many customers that will be pleased with the move, I know first hand a lot of enterprises that couldn't adopt CCT quickly enough at the start of this year.

          Really? Is there no middle ground between rampant, unregulated capitalism and restrictive, fully regulated communism?

          In no way is allowing Adobe to set whatever prices it likes a good thing. Especially since there is practically no meaningful competition in that particular market. People are upset because they are being blood sucking dicks for no other reason other than the fact that they can. I get that a business is there to make money. I get the free market argument. But Adobe doesn't operate in a free market. It operates in a virtual monopoly and monopolies rightly should attract government attention and regulation.

      Because it removes any requirement for Adobe to innovate or update - people have to keep paying to use the software whether it improves or not.
      Because downloading software the size of Adobe products is still inconvenient for large swathes of the population.
      Because Adobe will still charge ridiculously varied prices based on where you live, despite there being literally no functional difference between the products.
      Because it's not necessarily cheaper than paying a one-off fee.
      Because there's nothing stopping Adobe jacking the price up next week and forcing everyone to pay it.
      Because there's no competitor that we can go to.

      In theory? If it all works out? Fine, sure. But there's too many ways it can fall apart that leave my entire industry's balls in Adobe's clenched fist.

        Exactly this! Agree 101%

        Amen. People don't get this? I am shocked that CC supporters don't realize the future implications of this subscription model.

    If you stop paying, can you still use the software without upgrades etc ? If you own a previous version of just about any software, you could continue to use it without paying more forgoing any upgrades. It just seems like a ploy to keep you paying if you want to use it.

      I read somewhere else that it authenticates itself every month, so if that's the case then no you wouldn't be able to keep using it, even if it's an older version.

        Hmm maybe its time to invest in a competitor.

          Nah, Just keep using CS6. How much can you possibly me missing out on with monthly updates?

          Remember when Windows Vista came out and it was really shit and everyone just kept using Windows XP until Microsoft got their act together. This can and will happen again.

            Agreed, just keep using CS6. Yeah you'll miss out on some features here and there, but anyone who currently relies on it can still do so no worries without upgrading to CC.
            STICK IT TO THE MAN!!!

            Does anyone else chuckle about how soon it was between Adobe being dragged into an enquiry about their pricing for CS here, and how soon they start trying to phase CS out?

            Yep I agree, I actually meant buy some shares in a good competitor to adobe though LOL. I'm sure their value will increase.

            Last edited 07/05/13 2:10 pm

            Which works until you upgrade your operating system, and CS6 is no longer quite compatible, and the only option they provide is CC.

            In the short term, you'll be fine. Long term, open up your wallet and say ahhhh...

            Last edited 08/05/13 9:56 am

              Still using CS5 since it came out, before that I was happily doing all my stuff
              on Cs2 to 3 for years! I'd guess I'll have to update if I need any of the new features.
              There are always plugins for that too (Which you own). Adobe's own plugins
              are not always the best :). Yes I will last a Longgggg time with Cs5

          Some businesses simply have too much invested with Adobe products and can't move away. That's no to say that people won't start moving away and that over time Adobe will go from being a major player to an also-ran.

      I have Creative cloud and have been using it for over 6 months. If you stop paying your bill at the end of the month all of your adobe products on your computer will stop working forever until you pay again.

      The only downside i have found with CC is offline use of the programs, it only gives you one change to use them offline before you have to reconnect to the internet for it to authenticate again. A lot of people have complained about this but it is a way for Adobe to stop people finding out where registry that hold the authentication and modify it, if the authentication is held on a server some where not locally.

    Unless your company or employer pays for it,the average creatives will just use the old gear.pretty fantastic stuff was made years ago,why pay for minimal upgrades?

      I'm still getting great reuslts out of CS2.

    What is Adobe doing with all that data on the cloud? How safe is it? What if that storage is compromised?

    Using old stuff will only be viable for so long. New files formats come out over the years, and eventually we'll all be forced or tempted to the subscription model.

    However, this does create a great opportunity for a customer-friendly competitor to arise and give the people what they want.

    I like the idea. I don't use Adobe products on a daily basis, but on the occasions that I do need to touch up a photo, create a graphic, edit a video/audio file, Adobe is my go to guy.
    I signed up to CC as soon as I heard about it. Haven't looked back. It's this sort of model that allows many more people to get their hands on the software legally (I freely admit that I pirated earlier versions of CS) at an affordable price. A monthly subscription fee actually fits into my budget, where an outright payment of thousands of dollars never would!

    I use the software enough to justify a once off fee (for the student edition, in my case), however not enough to fork out money every month for it. I hope that they keep on selling the current outright version in retail stores for a while to come.

    The other problem for sticking with older versions is other designers.

    When you're working with another designer who's on a different version, you have to make sure you're saving to the same version, and not using features that are unsupported on their version of the software.

    Alternatively, you deal with the lost productivity of opening the file, re-saving it, recommitting it to the repository... what's ten minutes here and there several times a week?

    If you sign up to Adobe's Cloud thing, doesn't that mean that Adobe owns the work that you do when you decided to stop using it? I remember reading that somewhere

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