Drinking Away The Day Is Acceptable With A Calendar Made Of Tea

What has your calendar done for you lately? Just reminding you of the day isn't going to cut it anymore — that's why god gave us smartphones. So if traditional calendars want any hope of staying relevant, it's time to start pulling double-duty. Which is exactly why we love this ingenious — if perhaps mildly unsanitary — drinkable tea calendar from Hälssen & Lyon.

This full, 365-day calendar features a different instant tea "bag" for each day of the year. The tea-to-be, which is more reminiscent of an oddly coloured cracker than anything else, is composed of "finely flavored tea leaves" that have been pressed into thin little wafers that help you both remember and start your day.

Simply tear off the strip of the day, plop it in a cup of hot water, and wait for the (presumably) delicious calendrical brew to come to life. Unfortunately, the clever calendars were only gifted to the company's select business partners, so unless you have an in with a German tea magnate, chances are that, just like us, you're cursed to admire from afar. At least now, though, our boring old, single-use calendars have a standard towards which to strive. [FoodBeast]

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