Disco Balls Can Actually Facilitate Art, Not Just Boogying Down

Putting 50 mirrored balls in a semi-lighted room seems like a terrible idea. Actually, it seems like a great idea for a rave, and a bad idea for an art installation. But it worked out pretty well at the CLICK Festival in Denmark.

Light Leaks by Kyle McDonald and Jonas Jongejan is an installation that uses projectors to control light shining on disco balls. The design relies on structured light scans, which take 41 images each, to map different reflection patterns on the walls. By combining data from all the scans, the designers can predict the position of every projected pixel and can model the reflections in the room using SketchUp.

According to Creative Applications, the designers are planning to install similar works in the future when they can have more control and advanced information about their display space. Surprisingly, the installation is the most mellow and captivating disco ever. [Creative Applications]

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