Chris Hadfield Bids Farewell To Space With This Awesome David Bowie Cover

Everyone's favourite astronaut, Commander Chris Hadfield of the International Space Station, is preparing to leave the floating platform above the Earth, but not before he gets out one last dose of awesome to delight the masses below: a cover of Space Oddity by David Bowie. Ground Control to Commander Chris....

The video is awesome for anyone who loves their 80's classics in zero gravity (all five of you). In it, we see Commander Hadfield spinning around the cabin of the ISS bashing out the Bowie-classic, flinging his guitar around in zero gravity and peering up at the Earth through the canopy of the space station.

Commander Hadfield's last act aboard the space station will be to transfer command to Russian Cosmonaut, Pavel Vinogradov, shortly.

We salute you, Commander. [Twitter]


    Very nice, loved it, a star waiting to come back to Earth! :)

    Last edited 13/05/13 8:41 am

    Just saw this on Facebook, it rules! My favourite parts are the bass fuzz and removal of lyrics about the ship crashing!

    The video is awesome for anyone who loves their 80′s classics in zero gravity

    80's Classic!?

    The song is from 1969.

      It wasn't meant to be taken literally, he was meaning the "other" 80's.... Who am I kidding, completely indefensible.

    Just awesome! I hope Chris Hadfield goes on to even bigger and better things than this, but it's going to be a hard act to follow!

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