New iPhone Apps: Bondsy, Drops First Aid, And More

Kick back, relax, and browse through this week's cornucopia of iPhone app goodness.

Bondsy: Gumtree's bartering section is a wonderful concept, sure, but the fact of the matter is that, when you're making deals with total, unverified strangers, there's an inherent set of risks that comes along for the ride. But with Bondsy, which launches today, you can exercise your bartering skills and finally get rid of all the junk that's been laying around — but with friends and friends of friends only. All the perks with none of the uncertainty. [Free]

Drops First Aid: Of all the things you never leave home without, your phone is usually somewhere near the top of the list, always ready to be whipped out at a moments notice. You keep your most vital information on it: birthdays, important meetings, reminders, beloved images, what have you — but ultimately, all of that is worthless, without the people behind each of these things. Drops First Aid for iOS, which guides you through important first aid procedures, wants to make sure that your phone helps you keep them (or strangers, for that matter) around too. [$1.99]

Drive Awake: Is there anything wrong with a chain of coffee shops trying to drum up a little extra business while at the same time ensuring that drowsy drivers don't end up swerving off the road? Thailand-base Cafe Amazon certainly hopes not. Working with BBDO Proximity, the chain created an iPhone app that monitors drivers for signs of sleepiness, and when it catches them nodding off, it directs them to the closest Cafe Amazon store for a hit of caffeine. [Free]

Limelight: It seems like everyone and their grandmother has some sort of streaming service at their fingertips — or at the very least, they have a streaming service that someone is letting them mooch off. But despite the prominence of Netflix, Hulu, and the like, there's still a good number of cinephiles out there who still love buying actual, physical copies of their beloved films. In an attempt to keep up with the streaming masses, Limelight lets you access and share your catalogue of physical movies with the digital world. [$1.99]

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