Aussie Researchers Unlock The Secret Of Longer-Lasting Beer

Let's face it: we're all stockpiling beer. Whether it's for a public holiday, "personal use" or just the end of the world, the great Aussie beer fridge is part of our culture. The worst thing about stockpiling beer, however, is the potential for it to go bad after a while. Despair no longer, Australian beer drinkers: science is here.

Beer image via Shutterstock

Australian scientists and Japanese brewers have cracked the code and developed a type of malt barley that, when brewed, can keep beer tasting fresher for longer.

The ABC reports that the barley hasn't been genetically-modified, rather it "fixes" the enzyme that is responsible for beer tasting stale.

The barley will be grown en masse later this year.

Crisp. [ABC News]

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