August Is A Gorgeous Smart Door Lock Designed By Yves Behar

I hate carrying keys, and you probably do too. Wouldn't it be awesome if we could walk up to our door and just have it know not only who you are, but who the people you want to let in are too? Meet August: a smart lock that acts as the gatekeeper for the home of the future.

The beautifully designed August smart lock was shown off at the D11 conference today. Designed by Yves Behar, the August attaches itself to your deadbolt and runs on batteries so that your lock doesn't die should you lose power or internet connection.

It pairs with your the Bluetooth 4.0 connection on your iPhone to authenticate you, before unlocking the door and letting you in. It also comes with an identity management platform you can use to invite friends in so they don't get locked out. Conversely, you can also keep people out if you don't want them in the house anymore.

No word yet on the August's release date — despite the relatively telling name — but it's priced at $US199 and available for pre-order now. [August via The Verge]



    What happens when the battery dies?

      "You can always still open the door the old-fashioned way if you like; you just don't have to."

      The problem occurs only when you lose both 240V power (or 110V in the USA) and your battery dies. So, do the same thing you do for your smoke alarms - replace the battery every 1st of April

        It should have a fail-safe on it that allows it to work with the regular key when there's completely no power.

          Which if you actually watched the video you would know that it DOES... or if you read two comments up.

            I phrased myself wrongly, I'm telling the person above that it should already have a fail-safe on it.

    I haven't locked my "front door" (main hatch) in more than two years. Most of the time I leave it wide open and even when I went to the States for 3 weeks in 2011 I just closed it up so the rain wouldn't get in. The only key I carry is my car key.

      Wow seems like you're pretty lucky then. Considering I've been robbed numerous times I wouldn't dream of not locking my doors. In fact since I have housemates it annoys me with how unconcerned they are about keeping shit locked up

        I have never locked my front door while I have been inside my place. Ever. I'd be far more concerned with getting out in a fire than being robbed. I doubt that would change if I ever was robbed, although I never have been.

          What area do you live in though? It'd be a tad different if you were living in Springwood as opposed to on a property west of Longreach.

            I can walk to the Sydney CBD in about 45 minutes and it only takes about 5 minutes by car.

          @corteks @moylan @sockparty
          Guys, I'm pretty sure I remember him saying elsewhere that he lives on a houseboat. So, not your typical "lock and leave" accommodation.

            It's a yacht and I can step off onto the marina, which has zero security. Everyone else is as paranoid as you guys and they all lock their boats up when they go up to the shops.

              I aint paranoid dude, I just know how quickly and easily one can be robbed and how little of a shit anyone gives (including police) once it happens. I got robbed twice in 3 days once. One of those times was in the middle of the day within a 30 minute window. I know locking my front door hasn't stopped crooks completely, but it at least makes it harder to take all of my shit.

              Oh and paranoia implies there isn't necessarily a threat. I aint paranoid, you've just been lucky. And look I hope you continue to be lucky cause it really sucks being robbed, and not just cause you've lost a bunch of stuff.

                Hardly. I don't think I know anyone whose home has been burgled. Ever. And I've lived in plenty of apartment buildings/complexes and never heard of anyone there being robbed, either, although a Ducati got stolen from the garage in a complex I lived in. I think it is a reasonably rare occurrence.

              We had someone try to break into our last place, they gave up pretty much one pull before they would of got past the crappy lock, so we talked to the landlords and put better locks on.

              Definitely wouldn't of left everything unlocked, as for getting out in a fire I don't think I've lived anywhere a locked door can't be opened from the inside without a key.

                You are assuming, wrongly, that you'll be awake when it happens. Your sense of smell doesn't work when you are asleep and you will almost certainly need to rely on someone coming in to save you. If your door is locked, your chance of dying is substantially increased.

              Someone probably won't steal my stuff. If they want to, the can get past my locked doors with a bit of wanton destruction. But hell, if you want my stuff, I ain't gonna make it easy.

              You have to EARN the chance to steal my stuff.

      What's your address ??? When do you normally leave? Lol.. Lucky for now but with these kind of posts, the odds are changing... :).. As far as not knowing anyone that's been robbed - google home invasion. Locks are good but an added layer of protection and the knowledge of how to use it, is good insurance

      Last edited 16/06/13 2:15 am

    And for the majority of smart phone users using Android?

      x2, and if you don't have an iPhone? This only works as advertised if you and your friends are all living in a little Apple bubble.

      Otherwise you can't invite anyone who doesn't have an iPhone. NFC would work better, but that wouldn't be iPhone friendly.

      it works with IOS and Android (it's on the August Smart Lock facebook page). The iPhone in the promo material is just for display purposes.

    what if you dont have your phone with you?

    that's a bit of a pain.

    i will stick with my finger print door lock thankyou

    And what happens if ur phone dies while ur out and you dont have your key on u??

      I have to say finding somewhere to charge your phone is definitely easier than calling a locksmith if you lock yourself out normally. Hell you could even leave a little USB backup battery hidden somewhere around your house, best part is unlike hiding a spare key nobody can use it to get in!

      Why would you leave the house without a key, or at least leaving a spare with a trusted friend or relative (or hiding one in the yard)?

    Looks rather flimsy... larger version? or would you just stack multiple ones?

    Hacker, you are welcome to my home!

    Also found this similar Lockitron product -

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