Are These The Most Intimate Self Portraits Ever?

Photography often produces incredibly intimate results, but these self portraits by Erno-Erik Raitanen offer a different take — showing off his bacteria in fine detail. The pictures weren't created using a camera, but his own bacteria, cultivated on the gelatin surface of film negatives.

He explains:

“I have gathered the bacteria samples from my own body. The bacteria consumed the film surface producing photographic images that are entirely created by a chance. I have been removed from the process but, at the same time, the images are a product of my body; self-portraits.”

In reality, these aren't microscopic views of bacteria, but records of their activity on the surface of the film. The results are certainly bright, bold and colourful — but do you think they count as self portraiture? [Erno-Erik Raitanen via Photo JoJo via Peta Pixel]

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