Apple Maps Is Getting Better

So we spent a lot of our time late last year hating on Apple Maps. The global shaming of the product forced an apology out of Apple and work began on making it better. After being the butt of many navigational jokes over the last few months, Apple Maps is finally getting better. Check these out.

Over the weekend a few people got in touch to let us know that Apple has been shoring up the topography of the Maps application, as well as adding new iconography for things like accidents and road closures, as well as the ability to get live traffic data. Flyover now has more detail, too.

Here are a few cool things we noticed this morning.

Are you using Apple Maps again? What would it take for you to go back?



    Not sure if the "Data from Tom Tom" is new or old?
    Anyway - I say too little too late - not much would move me off Google onto Apple I'm afraid

    Whilst there may be some changes to CBDs, my area is still showing a major Westfields in the middle of a sporting field, NSW State Bank locations in places State Bank never was (also, State Bank? that disappeared decades ago) Supermarkets in residential Streets, Queanbeyan council 300+km out of place (Middle of Sutherland) Restaraunts that haven't existied for decades located nowhere near their actual locations

    None of these have been fixed despite me clicking the "report a problem" link.

      The next iOS update might remove Google Maps off (again)

    Apple has really sacrificed functionality for aesthetics here. there's so much room for street names and stuff, but its just not there. I also find it quite hard to work out what "level" the text is on. Until apple maps prioritises immediacy and clarity of information over prettiness, i will still be using google maps.

    Google Maps isn't flawless either - in my local area with Google Maps, they've neglected to mention a major public hospital, moved KMart across the street into a tiny little building, and lost a number of schools amongst other things. That said, it's still better than Apple's attempt.

    All i want is for it to stop sending me down dead end streets.

    I never left Apple maps because i figured something like this would happen, they just needed the time. Sure Google maps may be better over all (and i have their app as well), but they didn't achieve this supremacy right out of the gates.
    Also, Apple maps looks better, and reacts quicker.

    Integration with trapster or something similar would be great, as would be speed limit information during turn-by-turn navigation. That'd bring me back I reckon.

    I use Apple maps. They work quite well for me, but I have an issue with legibility. In normal map mode (not turn by turn) the white roads don't contrast enough with the yellow background. I've got a 7" screen on the dash mirroring the iPhone, and I can see them clearly on that, but looking down to the phone in the dock, I can't make them out at all. Moar contrast plx. Also, enough with the disappearing street names. I'm sick of zooming in to see what the name of a road is. And add a night mode so I'm not blinded by the display at night. Thanks Apple.

    Dedicated Android and Google user but I hardly think that "Apple maps is getting better" should be a headline, could they have gotten worse?

      So what fucking headline would you have liked?

      "Shit Maps Are Better But Still Not As Good As Other Maps By The Way Did You Know How Great Google Maps Is Because It's Pretty Great"

        Spot on!

    The Swan River finally goes all the way to the ocean now. (That's something, I guess)

      That at least keeps the Swam River flowing

    Ooh - they found the Sydney Opera House. That's a good start. That used to be called the Bennelong Point Parking Station. I'm less happy about where they've located Swanston St, Melbourne in the same picture. Unfortunately, when I tried it again last weekend it still directed me to do a three-point turn around a traffic island and head against traffic onto a freeway offramp, so I think that the answer is still "no. I won't be using that service. Thanks for your offer, but I value my life."

    You will see more of these articles as Apple tries to convince Technology blogs to try and convince people that the issues have been fixed. Its selective, self interested journalism at its worst.

      Or, it's crowdsourced data from users who have actually seen the changes and not some moronic Apple–conspiracy as you've described because you're a barely human being who probably drinks fluoride–lacking water

        Angry much?

    I'm sold on Google Maps but I give Apple's a go every now and then. Tried it yesterday and it was off by four blocks. So no, I don't think I'll be switching back. Also, I'd LOVE to be able to turn off all those hundreds of little POI icons. Just too much going on. Plus aerial maps are crap, and no street numbers.

    Have they finally put all those rural towns back where the buildings are, rather than where the parish is centred?

    I don't use it mainly because I just switched from an iPhone 5 to a Nexus 4. Loooooove it.

    of course the iSheep will use the new Apple Flaps.

    they will get them working ok again, then kill off google and others again.
    it's apple...

    Used from the day it came out, havent had a problem yet.

    @madwog gee you so clever! How did you come up with such an inventive term for iPhone users? And I'm guessing anyone who uses an android phone is a gSheep right? And a wSheep if using Windows Phone? Coz, I mean, you couldn't possibly be using a product because its a better fit for you or you have made a rational decision. Nooooo you're just a mindless sheep. ANDROID users though, man they are all independent minded mavericks, all 900 million of them. No followers there, nup. All geniuses the lot of them. Oh, and in case your big brain clever iSheep using mind hasn't twigged yet, I'm being sarcastic...

      Don't know how to use the reply button?

      The correct term for wSheep would be w$heep I think. BTW, Nokia maps/drive is way better than the two you guys are fighting about here

    How about place names for rural towns for starters? Unbelievable! And zero response to correspondence! Bad Apple. I can't see how people accept this huge oversight. Maps without place names is like a car without wheels. I don't care if it has improved with more accessories; if I can't use it to drive its still shit. If I can't see the name of the next town on my route, this isn't a usable service.

    I did the whole “Report a problem” thing with a bottleshop being pinned about 1000km away from where it really should be the DAY APPLE MAPS WAS RELEASED and it is still in the wrong place a year later. I have reported it on multiple occasions.

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