An iWatch Concept Has Never Looked This Good

An iWatch Concept Has Never Looked This Good

We’ve got just about as much (or really as little) information about Apple’s fabled iWatch as we ever have, but it never stops being fun to fantasise a little. This latest concept whipped up by designer Martin Hajek has got to be the best — and most Apple-like — we’ve seen yet.

Say what you will about stitched leather in your operating system, but it doesn’t look half bad as a watch band. Like Hajek’s last mock-up for MacUser magazine, the watch shies away from some of the most futuristic interpretations, instead leaning on pretty standard watch design. And this concept takes that to its beautiful extreme with a unified all-black look.

Of course, as with all concepts, this isn’t based on anything more than rumour — the curved glass — and imagination. But guessing at the future is even more futile than normal, considering WWDC and Jony Ive’s iOS 7 are right around the corner. Ive’s first crack at iOS could very well strip away the skeuomorphic elements of the UI that would make a design like this make sense. Who knows what we’ll be looking at on that face.

Still, it’s a lovely little render of a nice piece of hardware. Hopefully if and when the iWatch does come out, it’ll be equally viable as both a fashion accessory and a device. This design looks like it at least has that first part down. You can check out more awesome rendering over at Hajek’s site.

[Martin Hajeck]