Almost 10,000 Telstra Customer Records Found Online In Yet Another Privacy Breach

Despite Telstra CEO David Thodey's assurances to the contrary, the telco isn't great at keeping customer data safe as houses in the last few years. It has been uncovered today that one of Telstra's third-party contractors let slip a few Excel spreadsheets containing nearly 10,000 customer records. Here we go again.

Fairfax has been tipped off by a reader who found his information, along with the information of thousands of other Telstra customers, inside a spreadsheet indexed by Google.

Several spreadsheets were discovered online, revealing customer names, business names, phone numbers and even addresses in extreme cases

Telstra has apologised saying that the data in some cases is up to six years old, but that's still no excuse for the breach.

It's currently investigating how a third-party contractor got hold of the information and what it was doing outside of the corporate firewall. Going for a stroll, presumably. [SMH]

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