After Hours: Best Cocktail And Bar Apps

Cupboard full of booze but no cocktail ideas? Planning a party but can't get the mix right? These handy apps will turn your phone into an instant cocktail recipe guide.

Cocktails picture from Shutterstock

Welcome to another round of our After Hours App Series: a detailed look into all the apps you need on your smartphone to have a great night. Stay tuned each day for another round-up of the best apps for after-hours fun.


A comprehensive cocktail app with metric and imperial units, the ability to add your own recipes, and a slot machine to pick random drinks. If paying for the app ($0.99 on iOS, $1.49 on Android) is too much for you, a more basic free ad-supported version (Mixology) is also available.

Mixologist Android, iOS


Minibar doesn't have the broadest selection of recipes (110 in the current version), but the gorgeous photography and detailed background on each drink make it an appealing prospect nonetheless. $2.99, iOS only for now.

Minibar iOS

Cocktail Flow

Cocktail Flow Our favourite feature in Cocktail Flow is the ability to list the actual contents of your bar and identify drinks you can make either with what's already to hand, or with just one or two additions. Handy, if occasionally dangerous.

Android, Windows Phone

Liquor Cabinet

Like the aforementioned Cocktail Flow but for iOS, Liquor Cabinet makes it easy to match the contents of your bar to potential recipes.

Liquor Cabinet iOS

Diffords Cocktails #9

With more than 2800 recipes and a photograph for every one, you're unlikely to work your way through this app with a fully-functioning liver. You can filter by name, ingredients, your own ratings and a stack of other attributes.

Diffords Cocktails #9 iOS

Drinks Master

Drinks Master offers a frankly disturbing 12000 drinks recipes. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Drinks Master Android

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