A Pendant-Locked Secret Diary For A Generation Raised On Tablets

Long gone are the days when kids would keep their innermost thoughts and secrets hidden away in a diary. For the most part they're happy to share everything on Facebook and Twitter these days, and in the rare event they'd actually want to keep something secret, there's now an iPad app that protects their private thoughts with an electronic locket key.

Uninspiringly called the iHeart Locket, the $25 wearable 'appcessory' transmits a wireless signal, presumably over a Bluetooth connection, that locks and unlocks protected content on an accompanying app. The app itself lets kids store everything from photos to dictated notes with custom page layouts like an actual diary, and everything can be exported to the iPad's photo album or even iBooks which is particularly handy for nosy siblings hunting for blackmail material. [Dano Toys via PSFK]

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