A Guy Who Skateboarded From Sydney To Wollongong Now Has Video Of His Journey

Remember Rohan Nowell? He was the lunatic guy who decided it would be a good idea one day to skateboard the 85km from Sydney to Wollongong, NSW by himself, tweeting and sharing the journey on social media the whole way. We covered him at the time and applauded his spirit. Now he finally has a bit of video of the trip!

I can't imagine how crazy this must have been for Rohan. First he sets off skateboarding at 3am, then he gets dumped on by the rain and spends three hours skateboarding treacherous freeways, before having the iPhone he was tweeting from, as well as the Flip HD camera he was using to shoot, bricked by water.

Still, he completed the journey in around 12 hours, and we applaud him for it. [Rotub]

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