A Drone That Follows You Around Is Way Less Messy Than Puppy

After leaving his uninspiring job at a bank, Sameer Parekh started his own company, called Falkor Systems, to further develop the concept of autonomous flying drones that don’t require a pilot. His first creation is a modified Parrot AR.Drone designed to follow someone around a room like an incredibly loyal — but noisy — puppy.

He also has more practical applications in mind than just an expensive airborne companion that eats through batteries faster than dog food. Parekh first wants to provide extreme athletes with another way to capture their ridiculous stunts. Right now, the GoPro is typically the go-to camera for that, but it only provides a first-person view of their experience.

A flying drone following at a short distance would capture footage of the athlete themselves, and, if things go awry, it also means it wouldn’t get caught up and destroyed in an accident. But a pet that could successfully deliver breakfast in bed? That’s still an idea worth pursuing. [Falkor Systems via Popular Science]