13 Ingenious Treehouses That Go Out On A Limb

Living in a treehouse is indisputably incredible. Sure, you might be roughing it a little bit, considering there's a climb and the trees are flammable (thus limiting your cooking capabilities). But the views and the experience are unmatched.

From the antique to the futuristic, here are some of the most beautiful tree-borne homes we've ever seen. If these images fill you with wanderlust, take note: some of these houses are also hotels.

This giant hillybilly hut is located in Crossville, Tennessee. The structure itself is 30m tall and it's supported by an 24m tall live oak.

Picture: Odee.com

Hovering 6m above the ground, Peter Lewis's Bridgton, Maine treehouse boasts a drawbridge and several spiral staircases.

Picture: Russell Kaye

GreenLine architects' whimsical Crystal River tree dwelling looks like something straight out of Alice and Wonderland.

Picture: GreenLine Architects

Travelling to the southwest coast of India? Make plans to visit the Vythiri Resort, where you can stay in a treehouse like this one.

Picture: Vythiri Resort

The Beach Rock Treehouse in Okinawa, Japan, was built to look like it belonged in outer space. Are we even sure that's actually Japan and not Endor?

Picture: Pete Nelson

La Cabane Perchee is a French company that will build you your own treehouse, like this bamboo home the designers built for an architect client.

Picture: La-Cabane

Or this one, which La Cabane Perchee designed for a resort in Lorraine, France.

Picture: La-Cabane

For $40/night, you can stay in this treehouse in the Natural Park of Sierra de Huétor in Andalucía, Spain.

Picture: Airbnb

This sanctuary tree shack is perched above a private rainforest near a hot spring in north central Costa Rica. It's also available on Airbnb.

Picture: Airbnb

Commanding views of Falmouth Bay, the bird-like Tree Sparrow House is waiting for you in Cornwall, England.

Picture: Airbnb

This diminutive treehouse in Ariena di Castro, Italy, looks utterly idyllic.

Picture: Airbnb

Here's a hut that was built around a Redwood tree in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Picture: Airbnb

Shitake is nestled into the woods of Oregon's secluded Cave. It's like a mini Japanese tea house in the trees.

Picture: Airbnb

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