11 Online Chat Cliches We Should All Agree To Stop Using

11 Online Chat Cliches We Should All Agree To Stop Using

One of the many unbearable things about the internet is how we use certain words and phrases until they are completely void of any meaning at all. And, because it’s the internet, the most insufferable trends stick around long after they’re welcome.

The thing is, the internet has a mob mentality, and we’re all culpable here. Once the first person started responding to everything with a canned LOL, we followed suit. Let’s band together and stop. Here’s the hit list of tropes we should all just agree to abandon forever.

1. I can’t even:


You can’t even what? Walk? Run? Pick up a thesaurus. Use your words.

2. ,so.

Please don’t make us wait for the other grammatical shoe to drop.

3. This is Everything:

Noooooo this is one specific thing, hyperbole is overdone, even ironic hyperbole.

4. This is perfect:

See item three.

5. The worst thing/the best thing

You are almost definitely referring to an average and/or mediocre thing.


Since we mostly use Twitter to kvetch anyway, let’s assume the REALLY?? is implied on all tweets.


Obsession is a disorder in which people have unwanted and repeated thoughts, feelings, ideas, sensations (obsessions) or behaviours that make them feel driven to do something (compulsions). Does this describe your relationship with the new Chrome extension that makes your website fart when you scroll? No. OK, moving on then.

8. I die

Oh my god the mentally disabled internet famous cat of the month is so cute, I die! Unless you are literally dead and the tweet you’ve sent is some post-mortem brain wave, we’re going to let this saying die.

9. FTW

This is the internet, not a game-winning field goal. And honestly you probably shouldn’t say this in either of those circumstances.

10. +1

Once again, this is not football, there are no PATs.

11. LOL

No, you are not laughing out loud, and if you’re being ironic see item three. Again.

These are the online cliches we’re sick of. But you probably have your own. Let us know if there’s anything else we need to put a stop to in the comments below.

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