Your Child Will Never Be Safer In A Car Than In The Arms Of Batman

Despite his gruff mannerisms, deep down Batman is a tender, loving superhero. And had he kids of his own, he would embrace and protect them just like this Batman carseat will do for yours. If he can protect Gotham from evil super-villains, surely he can protect your kids during a fender bender.

A built-in five-point harness that can be easily tightened with just one hand doesn't hurt either, and with two reclining positions your kids will always be comfy on Batman's lap. As an added bonus, while your kids are young and easy to fool, you can discourage any backseat fighting by reminding them that the Dark Knight is watching their every move. And at $150 the only downside is that if your kid's a Batman fanatic, they'll probably want to stay in the carseat until they're well past its 45kg limitation.

[Kids Embrace via 7Gadgets]

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