You Guessed It: Samsung’s Gigantic UHD TV Is Crazy Expensive

You Guessed It: Samsung’s Gigantic UHD TV Is Crazy Expensive

We loved the 84-inch UHD (4K) TV — called the S9 — when we saw it at CES in January, but ever since then we have been wincing about just how much the damn thing would cost in Australia. Now we know.

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How 4K TV Works

What exactly is 4K, and why should you care? Here’s a brief history of the future of television.


I won’t lie to you: it’s $40,000. Comparatively, that’s the cost of several small hatchbacks or even a premium consumer sedan. That’s even more expensive than we thought it would be back in January.

Believe it or not, despite the cost, more than a dozen people have already registered interest, and have had deposits down since CES.

Samsung has stressed that the 84-inch 4K TV isn’t for everyone, adding that it’s “a very niche product”.
I’ll say.

That $40,000 isn’t just the price for a panel, you get a bunch of stuff along with that as well as far as after-sales service are concerned.
There’s a whole mess of content available in the new Samsung Smart Hub and owners get a dedicated help-line number for after-sales service. That after-sales service only comes after what Samsung are calling “white-glove service” from specialists who come into your home, install, set-up, configure and train you to use your new UHD baby.

Samsung’s Evolution Kit which updates the TV to the latest hardware, firmware and software year-on-year will also be free for five years after the purchase date so you’re never without the latest on your TV.

Customers also get invites to exclusive events and offers from Samsung.

The 84-inch S9 UHD TV hits stores in early June.

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