Windows Blue Is Blue No More

I’ve got a curious attachment to product code names, if only because they’re usually a whole lot more interesting than the final release names or numbers. Today’s victim is the interestingly named Windows Blue, which will now reportedly simply be Windows 8.1.

Memphis, Metro, Bob, Chicago — they’re all a whole lot more interesting than the products they became. Except for Bob, of course, but then it didn’t change names in final, ill-informed release anyway. Windows Blue won’t be blue much longer, however, with ZDNet reporting on the change.

It is to be expected — Microsoft isn’t likely to drop all the money it’s spent building up the Windows 8 brand just because I like colours more than numbers, after all — if a little bit mourned. A tweeted a pic showed the new name this morning (albeit not from an official Microsoft account), with the update due to hit later in the year. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to mourn for Windows Blue.