Win! Gizmodo Has 10x $100 Acer Store Vouchers To Give Away!

$100 can actually go a long way. And you can spend it on anything you like in Acer’s online store – made risk free by Acer's free delivery and 14-day replacement or refund guarantee. $100 would be 20% off the 10.1-inch Iconia A700 tablet (currently on sale for $499) or 10% off the Iconia W510 convertible Windows 8 touchscreen tablet / laptop. Bundled with Microsoft Office 2010 Home & Student, the W510 is perfect for University or high-school.
Here's all you need to do to enter...

How To Enter:

Simply leave a comment below telling us which new piece of hardware from the Acer Store you'd put the $100 towards and why you want it. How do you plan to use it? Be sure to include a link with your comment. That's it.
Next Monday we’ll pick the most informed and entertaining entries — and send 10 winners $100 voucher codes for the Acer online store!

Still not sure where to start? Well, if premium design is your thing, you could also put the $100 towards Acer's super-slim Aspire S7 ultrabook (starting at $1399) or a stunning U-series touchscreen all-in-one PC.

So what new piece of hardware from the Acer Store would you put the $100 towards and why do you want it? Don’t forget to include a link with your comment.

Entries close 10am AEST next Monday 22nd April. Full terms and conditions.

Good luck!


    I would use it towards the Acer A700 -
    I currently have an Acer A500 tablet and love it but I could do with the extra 200 A's.

    I'd be getting the W511 Sick of all the tricks and work-arounds I need to do to get my iPad and Android devices to work in my Windows world.

    For me it would be the Iconia W510, the main reason being is that it has the potential to replace both my aging laptop and my Motorola Xoom tablet with one device.
    Aside from standard websurfing and networking the most common thing I would use it for would be travel logs and diary entries when I take long motorcycle trips every weekend or so. It's nice to be able to pull up anywhere I like and spend some time appreciating the surroundings I find myself in.
    The laptop is too heavy for a backpack and the battery life is now poor. The Xoom tablet is not intuitive to type on at all so a convertible would cover both bases very well.

    I have more than enough computers at home, that is why I want to try something new ! for example the CHROME OS! Plan to use it as a Frisbee if the chrome OS is not as good as what it claims~

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    The $100 would pay for the upgrade to the version that comes with the keyboard. Let's face it, if you're going to spend the extra money on a tablet to get a device that can run a full-blown PC OS, you want to be able to create media on the device, not just consume. My typing rate halves when I go to an on-screen keyboard. To catch up on episodes of Dr Who, the keyboard can be used as a stand or be completely out of the way. A truly versatile device!

    I would love to put the $100 towards a new monitor. My rickety old Dell screen is in desperate need of a replacement and getting a top quality professional screen sure is going to make my games look a hell of a lot nicer. Just imagine sniping all those n00bs in glorious 1080p HD. I am quivering with excitement!!!

    I would put the $100 towards a second adapter for the W700 that I bought two weeks ago on sale. It's awesome and all but I'm very forgetful and am very sure that I will eventually lose and/or break the power supply that came with it.

    I will obviously use it to keep my tablet charged and full of life instead of being flat and full of tears

    Would love a projector, but could never afford one.... for movies and playing the Wii with family and friends... One can only dream....

    The Iconia B1-A71 8GB WiFi. Reading books on train with my old iTouch and the Kindle app is far from optimal - it shows only a couple of paragraphs, and the device is full of other apps. The Iconia will be a perfect first tablet device for me and to share with my wife.

    I'd put it towards the X3475 as I need a grunty desktop for next-generation sequencing data analysis for my PhD. I've always had Acer laptops and I've been saving for a desktop for 6 months (which is near impossible as a PhD student). The extra $100 will get me a lot closer.

    I have the Acer i5 desktop which is a great system, I would put the $100 towards this monitor.
    What an excellent addition to my setup. To play Angry Birds "StarWars" with my grandson Thomas, it will make our day.

    The new Acer Aspire S7 Ultrabook because it is a no-compromise device. The best of everything and will allow me to communicate with dolphins like Megan Fox does.

    With the upcoming build of our very first home and my very first theatre room I couldn't go past putting it towards the H6510BD DLP home series projector ( This would be a great start to the grand dream of a full home theatre with in roof surround sound speaker setup in a sunken ceiling and roof mounted projector for a nice clean look.

    I'm really looking forward to a new way of displaying my content with a projector.
    I know it sounds weird although i think monitors are too mainstream. Its extremely pricey and is only so big.
    A new Acer projector would make my day, especially one with 3D.
    I've been looking for a new projector for 2 weeks now a $100 voucher is a game changer.

    I would straight up throw that 100 dollas into a Acer P1340W Projector so I can project my "home movies" onto public walls all over the place.

    I would straight up throw that 100 dollas into a Acer P1340W Projector so I can project my "home movies" onto public walls all over the place.

    W511 With Keyboard and Dock
    Benefits of a tablet, portability of a notebook, anywhere access of 3G

    Me, personally, I would like this: , the Acer H6510BD with full HD 3D images, with integrated real-time 2D-to-3D conversion, would be great for giving my sister an early morning wake-up to the new Psy song, Gentleman. Even more trippy as she won't have glasses and will see double!

    I've thus far avoided the tablet craze, prefering to rely on my trusty laptop and smartphone when I needed the extra portability. With a tablet I can embrace truly portable porn. Wait no! I meant that other P word: Productivity! Yeah lets stick with productivity...

    Add in a keyboard for the important lectures and I can take notes a plenty. For the less important ones...yeah.

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    I think the chromebook is perfect for surfing the web, I'd use it at uni, at home on the couch and in bed.

    S7 all way.. Aspire S7 Ultrabook™

    i'll get so much done on it! Plus I can't wait to do all my work. The S7 has a power i need to get all my stuff done in no time at all!

    For me, it would have to be the Acer Chromebook (
    I'm an unashamed Google fan boy. Within arms reach as I write this is my Galaxy Nexus phone, and my brilliant Nexus 7 tablet (built, of course, by Acer). I'm writing this in Google Chrome, with a tab open for both Gmail and my Google Calender.
    The chromebook remains the missing piece of Google tech I'd like to own. Having experienced the care and consideration Acer and Google put into the Nexus 7, I have no doubt that the chromebook would be well designed and great to use.
    At $299, the chromebook is already a steal. With $100 off (more than 30%!) it would unbelievable value.

    S7 ultrabook if I get paid well for my ANZAC workday. Or a chromebook if not

    I've been looking around for a good media PC for ages. I've used a few off the shelf boxes - they always have some major letdown. I used to use an old Xbox but it can't do HD. I even tried using a Raspberry Pi as a solution, but errr not quite enough grunt. It looks like Acer has got a tidy little small profile system which is perfect for a media PC, so that's the one I want.

    I'd most likely put it towards getting another widescreen ( so I could get on my way to building a glorious eyefinity setup to play Tom Clancy's HAWX in.

    Ohhhh boy.

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