Why Settle For Rooms When You A Whole Town Inside Your House?

It's one thing to have a spacious home, it's another to have a whole indoor suburb. "House K" does the latter, and puts a weird new spin on the townhouse by having its own little town inside its walls.

Designed by Japanese architect Yoshichika Takagi, House K is intended to replicate the sort of feel of a traditional fishing village, all encapsulated in a building of its own. It's obviously not going to fool anyone, but the contrast of the materials — wood for the internal buildings, and a stark white roof — do provide a certain kind of pseudo-outdoorsy experience.

The whole thing results one seriously bizarre, asymmetrical floorplan, but there is something appealing about the idea of being able to chill out on a roof while still inside your house. And who needs a sky when you can have skylights, right? [Designboom]

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