Whoa, Did Google Maps Just Reveal A Gruesome Murder?

Google Maps, the all-seeing eye that can find naked pranksters, possible donkey hit and runs, people have sex in public and other more serious crimes, may have just stumbled upon a bloody crime scene. The image shows what looks to be two people dragging a corpse and leaving a bloody trail on a pier.

After seeing the picture, our fried movie-watching brain kicks in: these guys must have been dumping a body in the river. He probably owed them a gambling debt. Or tried to go out with the mob boss' daughter. Or maybe was the mob boss himself in the middle of a power struggle. Are we a witness to a crime because we saw it on Google Maps? Is the mob going to come after us now? Will we be memorialised forever in the mausoleum that is Google Maps? Are we OK with that?


And then we become sane again. Why would somebody drag a bloody body in bright daylight? And not just that, but also drag a body where any passerby could spot you? I don't even think dumb TV criminals would do this.

But it looks so real.

The satellite image was captured in 2009 of the Netherlands and discovered by a Redditor just a few days ago. If not a gruesome murder, people have suggested that what we think is the corpse is actually a dog who went for a swim and stained the wood of the pier with water by shaking itself off. That means the blood would actually only be wet wood and the whole image is a lot less nefarious than we want it to be.

If you look at the image above you can see cyclists with a dog right next to our bloody crime scene. Would people really dump a body where people enjoy the outdoors? Even more, what if those people who are cycling with their dog are actually the same people on the pier? Wait can that even happen? I think my mind is now being more blown if this wasn't a murder. [Google Maps via Reddit, Daily Dot]



    The only way that could be a murder is if they killed the person on the pier (where most of the "blood" is), dragged them off the pier, then back to the same spot (the track splits in 2 once they reach the platform).

      Looks like Casey and Mawt are right, but if it were blood it could easily be someone killed at that spot, blood everywhere, the murderer runs away, then runs back when they get to the end of the peer. Dragging bloody footprints the entire time.
      Alternatively the victim could be massively injured at the spot where they are now, escape to the end of the peer where they die, then dragged back to the spot where they are now.

    Unless.. there were two bodies and they were shot before being taken to this place (hence the drag marks then they were shot again (cause the large blood stains on the pier) And this picture here was them about to dump the next body into the river as they have already dumped the other? But there are many possibly reasons for being so much blood an two drag marks.... but this is what i think the plot could be!!!

    It's a two people playing fetch with a dog. They throw a ball/stick/whathaveyou out into the water, dog jumps in and retrieves it, dog runs back to the shore and along the pier and back to the people.

    Look more like a guy who is cast netting for small bait fish, then carrying his wet cast net over to a small blue bucket on the right hand side of the entrance to the pier, though the wet dog idea makes perfect sense too

    Stop trying to Disney this up.

    This is obviously a government sanctioned hit gone terribly wrong.


    seriously.. People watch too many movies. It doesn't look anything like blood. It's clearly wet wood.
    What murderers carry a bag, bucket and nets too? Obviously just crabbing.

    It's blood.

    How on earth is that considered 'wet wood' - wood does not turn that kind of red when wet
    A dog would not be able to hold that amount of 'water' it it's fur to make the distance of the blood tracks.

    what kind of red? It's not red at all. it's brown. like wet wood.

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    I'm going with the dog story. Look closely at the picture and you will see on the side of the pier, the water is murky with mud obviously kicked up by the dog while swimming back to the owners. Plus if it we're blood the dirt trail leading to the pier would be stained as well.

      Same. Even looks like a dog with the two people.

    Seems fairly obvious that the wood is a hardwood thats faded in the sun, and like most, will turn red again when wet. As to how it got wet is anyones guess..

    Pretty amusing though ^_^

    I came across the coordinates for this location on a youtube video comment yesterday, my housemate and I were debating whether or not its really someone getting dumped.

    I know the location of this pier, thing! I couldn't believe it when I checked google and saw this was in Almere Stad! I used to live in this city. The layout of this little island is actually more Golf Course like, and there is a train line which runs parallel to at the bottom. You would be able to see it as this is right next to the city center. Photos are from 2009, and the area around the little man made island has already been built on, there are new houses there now as this city likes to build on every empty bit of land they can get their hands on.

    Yet all the areas in Almere Stad are very very open plan. There is a lot of space. Bycicle paths
    and room for people to walk their dogs. Those trees you see, are planted, and not a thick forest, it is also broad daylight with lots of ppl around.

    So I'd go ahead and say wet wood


    "Betteridge's law of headlines is an adage that states, "Any headline which ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no." "

    Familiarity with this law will save you a lot of time reading articles here.

    Yeah it was a dog that ran across the pier while wet

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