Whoa, Did Google Maps Just Reveal A Gruesome Murder?

Whoa, Did Google Maps Just Reveal A Gruesome Murder?

Google Maps, the all-seeing eye that can find naked pranksters, possible donkey hit and runs, people have sex in public and other more serious crimes, may have just stumbled upon a bloody crime scene. The image shows what looks to be two people dragging a corpse and leaving a bloody trail on a pier.

After seeing the picture, our fried movie-watching brain kicks in: these guys must have been dumping a body in the river. He probably owed them a gambling debt. Or tried to go out with the mob boss’ daughter. Or maybe was the mob boss himself in the middle of a power struggle. Are we a witness to a crime because we saw it on Google Maps? Is the mob going to come after us now? Will we be memorialised forever in the mausoleum that is Google Maps? Are we OK with that?


And then we become sane again. Why would somebody drag a bloody body in bright daylight? And not just that, but also drag a body where any passerby could spot you? I don’t even think dumb TV criminals would do this.


The satellite image was captured in 2009 of the Netherlands and discovered by a Redditor just a few days ago. If not a gruesome murder, people have suggested that what we think is the corpse is actually a dog who went for a swim and stained the wood of the pier with water by shaking itself off. That means the blood would actually only be wet wood and the whole image is a lot less nefarious than we want it to be.

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