Who Actually Uses Maths At Work?

Let's admit it together. We all kind of suck at maths. It's OK! Numbers are evil. Back in high school when you were forced to struggle through algebra and geometry and algebra again, you probably thought to yourself when in the hell would you ever use all those stupid theories, equations and computational silliness in real life. And the truth is you won't use them! Who needs maths!

OK, you definitely need the basics of maths like addition, subtraction and multiplication, but anything more advanced? Leave it for the mathematicians to wrinkle their brain with. The Atlantic found the graph above which was made by Northeastern University sociologist Michael Handel. Handel surveyed 2300 workers throughout the 2000s to figure out how much advanced maths is being done at people's work.

If a person is good at maths and wants to work in a job that requires maths skill, hell, by all means go study more maths! But for someone who will never work with numbers in any sort of way passed addition and subtraction, why the hell are they taking advanced maths classes every single year of high school? Head over to The Atlantic to see more of the maths on maths, like which jobs require more maths (blue collar or white collar jobs). [The Atlantic]

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