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    Can I make a grumpy old man suggestion please?

    Less gifs in stories please!

    Hey @Gizbodies (by that, I'm referring to YOU! Gizmodo viewer!), ever read posts by Tony Windsor?

    I do occasionally when friends share his FB stuff. I will say that he's better than Malcom Turnbull online - Not only have I heard Turnbull referred to as the only minister to understand the internet, but Turnbull is a f*cking pig who only uses twitter to attack, which allows messages far to short to actually show substance..

    Turnbull hate aside, I agree with this message: https://www.facebook.com/TonyWindsorMP/posts/566644026690282

      "Many of the NBN's benefits would be lost. Take Aged Care for example. If the package of technologies enabled by high-speed broadband can keep 5% of elderly people in their homes for just one extra year, Australia could save $60 billion over ten years on aged care facilities ($4 billion a year in bed operating costs and $20 billion in capital costs). These savings alone would more than pay for the NBN."

      Personally, this isn't a use-case that I had thought of, and is another example of why people who say 'but the internet doesn't do anything but torrent/games' need to shut their mouth and think of what COULD be done, once you can do 'anything' over the wire.

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    Does anyone think NK needs to demonstrate nuclear capabilities, or do you think they just need to have the information from countries who have already demonstrated nuclear capabilities?

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