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    Why is there so much syndicated content on things nobody elsewhere in the world would care about (like US history stuff)?

    And what is an editors take on Adam Dachis's other projects (such as http://www.grandmasemailaddress.com)?

      Just don't click on what doesn't interest you. Including Dachis keeping it classy.

    what is this Allure Media tracker that shows up in ghostery? what iformation are you collecting? why did you not tell us you decided to track us?i know we are the audience you sell to advertisers but don't treat us like fools.

    Why do most editors profiles either point to GizInternational or Luke Hopewell? I'm beginning to suspect only one person runs this site :D

      I'm pretty sure I'm not a figment of Luke's imagination. Hang on, let me check with this sharp knife.


    I'm looking for a tablet case that will fit a Surface Pro. I need to carry it with me while I walk to and from work (about 30 minutes each way), preferably without a backpack or something else to put it in so ideally it'd have a handle or strap. It doesn't need to hold a keyboard but until I can get a spare charger to leave at work I'll need to drag one around with it.
    Seeing as a couple of times a year I get stuck in the rain it'd be nice if it was waterproof (or at least designed in a way that won't let water in). Although the thing is small enough I guess I can always just throw it in a ziplock on a rainy day. Something with a hard cover would be best but it's not like I'm throwing it around or piling up junk on it.

    Right now even a cheap 280mm by 180mm laptop/book bag would do. Anyone got any recommendations? I've been looking around and there are some ok looking options, but I'm terrible at choosing this stuff online.

    What's the deal with airline food

      If I scramble eggs in the microwave it looks like airline food

        And if you leave it in the warming drawer for 8 hours, it'll have the same texture too!

    Shooting Challenge ....Too controversial still?
    ....Any more ever again ?
    .... any reply from last time I asked ?

      Shooting Challenge: Yep, watch for the return soon! Very soon.
      There had been lots of give aways on the site and we wanted to space it all out as much as possible.

        Awesome and thanks I'm looking forward to them .... not just for the prizes tho :)

    Does anyone know about the latest google drive update?? It won't let me sign in. Troubleshooted no end and still no go.

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