When Was The Last Time You Really Unplugged?

I hear a lot of people talking about how nice it is to go on holiday and "just unplug for a while." They say that taking a break from their devices helps them refocus. Which makes sense! Except I already know what a great time they had on their vacations because they posted a steady stream of photos throughout, or texted me after they went to surfing lessons/wine tasting. The last time I was totally unplugged was during a camping trip last summer and it was only for a couple of days. When was the last time you really went off grid?

Revisit simpler times below.


    Last year I went the gold coast for a work conference. I left my phone at home, gave my partner the number of the hotel and said if there is an emergency, call, otherwise see you in 6 days. I didn't use any technology at all (the 15 pages of notes I took/scribbled each day is evidence of that) and it was weird - no internet, no TV (apart for watching presentations), no computers, phones tablet... everything. The days were so full on (including the obligatory dinners and drinks after) that I didn't realise the extent of it until I got home. And then caught up on 5 days worth of news, posts on here, posts on other sites I frequent not to mention spending time with the family etc.

    Many, many years....

    Hah - I tried on a recent trip, and scored a travelling companion and had to plug back in. Managed to go without 3G/Internet access for 7 days, but couldn't give up 2G. A full week without browsing, e-mails and especially social media, was pretty bloody good.
    Even cured me of any temptation to Internet memes and meme sites. If only I could do that with news sites and social media...

    I know it is very off topic, but the photo sort of provoked this question. If I have a laptop charger plugged into the wall but not into my laptop will it use electricity? Other than the initial capacitor charging up that is.

      It will use a little bit, but probably small enough to consider it effectively zero compared to other devices in your house.

      Probably. Electronics are not perfectly efficient, so you will lose power over time. If it's warm, then you're definitely losing power in the form of heat.

    I was just thinking this today after my phone ran out of phone juice half way walking home from work and realised the silence wouldn't kill me xD

    I've been trying (unsuccessfully) to unplug and "de-gauss" by joining a local bushwalking group. When I do go on a day walk, I still plan on taking my phone - but I'll try my hardest not to look at it until I'm back in the CBD - unless I use it as a camera or a compass...

    I do it all the time. I often leave my phone at home when I go out, unless I need it to co-ordinate meeting up with others or something. It is packed away in a pannier when I am on my bicycle. Because I have a 3G internet connection, it is only on for two or three hours a day, max, so I don't really feel like I am "plugged in" 24/7 anyway. I think I have a reasonable balance without the need to deliberately put myself in situations of privation.

    My wife and I like to disappear into the highlands of Tasmania every few months for a couple of days, the place we go and stay at has no mobile reception, no TV, no internet, it's a great place to go and switch off for a couple of days.

    Thanks to Vodaphone it was a couple of weeks ago in Marion Bay SA.
    Zero phone coverage :)

    A year ago (to the day actually!) 2 weeks in Cuba, no internet, no phone.

    yup, I unplugged, 4 years and counting since I last watched TV. I just d/l shows i want and get to skip adverts and crappy TV news. win win. My fav sport is watching newspapers and TV channels close down.

    What counts as 'unplugged'? If I take my DSLR and wait till I get back to upload the photos, does that count? If so, was this the case back before digital cameras? Is it okay to use a landline to order a pizza? How about listening to music?

    I think it has been many, many years since I have been completely off the grid and technology free. It's been about 7 months since the last time I didn't use a computer/phone daily (3 month holiday in Middle East/Europe). I still used my camera daily, and computer once every week or so to back up photos. Also used my mp3 player daily.

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    At easter time I went camping up north (Western Australia) for 4 days straight with some friends right on the beach. There was no phone reception, but why go on Facebook when there is so much swimming, fishing and drinking to be done?
    I did do quite a lot of photography though, but only because an exposure shot over the ocean was on my bucketlist.

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