What The Future Of Wearable Technology Will Look Like

It's going to look silly! More seriously, it seems like we're all going to have to accept that wearing technology is going to be the real future and not just the imagined future of science fiction movies.

We won't know we're in the future until we're wearing technology like Google Glass or Apple's supposed iWatch. PBS Off Book decided to take a look at what that future of wearable technology would look like.

It makes sense right? Technology starts big and ends up on us somehow. Like a giant clock tower turned into a wall clock turned into a pocket watch turned into a wristwatch. Or computers being room sized to tower sized to laptop sized to phone sized... to on our body. PBS says:

As computing moves from our desktops to our phones, we look into the future to see how technology will become increasingly ingrained in our movements and our active lives. From the Nike Fuelband to Google Glass, consumers are already seeing hints of the future of wearable devices. They have the possibility to make us more knowledgeable about ourselves and our surroundings, and connect us with each other in an uninterrupted, more intimate way. From DIY wearables to high-tech sensors and smart fabrics, the years ahead will show how integrated technology can impact our lives for the better.

[PBS Off Book]



    That video is utter crap. The only piece of useful wearable technology mentioned in it is Glass, and we're all painfully aware of how awesome it is. Sabine just goes on about some wet dream of futuristic nanotech fibres and 'metallic coatings' while showing pictures of some bint that looks like she was attacked by a 486. Becky meanwhile tells us just how realistic wearable clothing is: we can create clothing with LEDs. Seriously, couldn't whoever created that video find anyone credible to interview?

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