Aussie Release Date (Of Sorts) For ASUS' Google TV-Playing 'Cube'

The ASUS Cube (or "Qube" as it was once known) has rolled out in the States, but nary a word has been spoken by the company about a local release... until now.

Daniel Tyson over at Ausdroid questioned ASUS' local present for more information and a release window. While there wasn't much going on the former front, it did provide Tyson with this morsel:

Should be available in late Q3 or early Q4

The article mentions the company would try to provide more details as soon as it hears from the ASUS mothership.

So mid-to-late 2013, by the looks of things. It's little comfort to those keen to get their hands on the device, which promises to deliver content using Google TV and apps and games via Google Play.




    The big question for me that the video doesn't address is whether the Google Chrome browser supports flash- if it doesn't then video will be limited to just the supported apps and you won't be able to watch all the free content on the web.

      I just googled "does GoogleTV support flash" and got an answer pretty easily.

    Beware of products that say they support flash - like Boxee (discontinued support). It only supports an older version so you can't play catch-up videos on sites like SBS and SMH. The version of flash that is supported is very important. I think it needs to be 11 or over.

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