Watch Darth Vader Get His Arse Kicked In Stop Motion By Indiana Jones And Einstein

Anyone who's seen an episode of Robot Chicken can appreciate the bizarre comedy that can be mined from toys and models filmed in stop-motion. It gives you the freedom to set-up some odd scenarios, say, Darth Vader getting destroyed by the likes of Indiana Jones, Jack Torrance and, er, Albert Einstein.

This is precisely what Patrick Boivin does in his new YouTube series "Please Don't Use The Force". So far, he's only put together three videos — three very short videos.

Sadly, the actual stop-motion content is not significant, with a large chuck of the clips dedicated to the introduction and credits, but the 10-15 seconds of action you do see is incredibly well done.

Given how long it takes to do animation of this quality, the length can be forgiven, but it'd be nice if it wasn't surrounded by so much filler.

The top video features Indy, with Torrance and Einstein in the bottom two, respectively.

[YouTube, via Geeks are Sexy]

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