Wait Wait, Music Boxes Can Be Awesome Starships?!

Spinning ballerinas? Please. But give me a music box that's actually a bitchin' starship and maybe I'll change my tune. Enter the MusicMachine, the music box all music boxes should aspire to be.

Designed by Reuge and MB&F, this special edition music "box" is completely functional. But instead of hiding all its guts inside some kind of ornate cube, it shows them off as if they were jet engines, thrusters, and other things that theoretically involve fire and/or lasers. Each turbine offers a medly of three songs: the left has the main Star Wars Theme, the Imperial March, and the Star Trek theme, while the right is Pink Floyd's "Another Brick In The Wall", "Deep Purple's Smoke on the Water" and John "Lennon's Imagine".

The MusicMachine is being released in a limited edition of 66 doubtless expensive units; 33 in white, 33 in black. So how's it feel to want a music box? Weird, yeah? But at the same time, it's so, so right. [Maximilian Büsser & Friends via Gizmag]

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