Virgin America Installs New In-Flight System To Help You Get Laid

Richard Branson: eccentric billionaire, adrenaline junky, sworn enemy of neckties and now... matchmaker. That's right — Richard Branson wants to get you laid. What's more, he wants to get you laid in a goddamn aeroplane.

Yes, Branson's Virgin America airline has just launched a new feature for its in-flight entertainment system that allows single (or not-so-single, no judgements here — this is a safe space) passengers to send the momentary apple(s) of their eye anonymous drinks, snacks, and even meals. Because no one wants to join the mile-high club on an empty stomach.

For those feeling a little more drunk daring, you can even send your hopeful-sex-friend-to-be a text declaring your intentions. According to Bransom himself, the chances of "deplaning with a plus one are at least 50 per cent".

While his claim is, perhaps, highly questionable, his intentions are noble. Creepy, yes, but noble. [Click Orlando]

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