New iPhone Apps: Valet, Finder Codes, Ninja Jamms, And More

This week's collection of apps went all over the place in terms of content. If you're someone prone to bouts of amnesia during daily activities, there's plenty to cure what ails you down below. Aspiring musicians and video chat-junkies won't be disappointed either. Everyone else: maybe next week.

Valet: Most people can barely remember what they had for lunch, much less where they parked their car however many hours ago. Valet's here to do all that dirty memory work for you, it'll even send you a reminder when the meter time is running low. So you can focus on the important things like... oh, you'll think of something. $1

Finder Codes: We all lose things once in a while, it's what makes us human. Which is why technology is there to fill in the gaps, like Finder Codes, a handy system of smart tags that lets you know where its attached object, pet, human, what have you is at all times. You can put them on virtually anything, and you'll never have to frantically search again. Free

Ninja Jamms: The legendary electronica label Ninja Tune has done what many have contemplated, but no one has crushed: It launched an app, Ninja Jamm, that lets anyone remix music with (relative) ease, using a variety of high-quality releases from world-renowned DJs, producers, and other artists. If this doesn't start you remixing music, nothing will. Free

Glide: Snapchat has the ephemeral video market down, but there really hasn't been an easy way to send videos back and forth that actually stick around. Glide is essentially text messaging turned video. For now, you do need a Facebook account to use the app, but it should open up to other login platforms soon. Free

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