Under The Hood: Five Best Small Form Factor PC Cases

Under The Hood: Five Best Small Form Factor PC Cases

If you’re building a home theatre PC (HTPC) or you simply don’t want your rig to take up lots of space, you need a smaller PC case. Something that fits the important stuff, but doesn’t waste a lot of space on expansion bays or components you won’t use. This week we’re going to take a look at five of the best for the job.

Title photo by docklandsboy.

Whichever case you go for, shop around to get the best price. Postage is a key consideration; a discount price doesn’t amount to much if you’re paying more for the shipping than the case.

Cooler Master Elite 120 Advanced

Silverstone FT03/FT03-Mini

BitFenix Prodigy

Mini-Box M350 Universal Mini-ITX

Fractal Design Node 304

An honourable mention this week goes to the Fractal Design Define Mini, a case that barely missed the top five . We know it’s a well-loved design, as it ranked highly in our general computer case Hive Five.

These are all solid choices, but we’re willing to bet you have a favourite that may not have been included here. Tell us about it in the comments.