Today's Facebook iOS Update Brings Chat Heads To Your iPhone

Upset that you won't be able to know the joys of your friends' disembodied heads floating around your screen, iPhone users? Worry no more, because while you won't be getting the entire Facebook Home experience, the Chat Heads feature will be hitting iOS devices sometime today.

The update was announced by Facebook CTO Mike Schroepfer and mobile head Cory Ondrejka earlier today at All Things D's mobile conference. Just like with the Android version, incoming Facebook messages will send heads popping up onto the screen, where you can access and drag them around at your leisure — as long as you're in the Facebook app. As soon as you close Facebook, the Chat Heads go with it.

In addition to the floating heads, you'll also be getting a new iPad interface meant to match Facebook's recent desktop overhaul, and oversized, emoji-like images called "Stickers". Sendable with a single click, The Stickers will come in packs, all of which are free for now. But you can bet it won't stay that way for long. [The Verge, All Things D]

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