Time Traveller Watch Uses Famous Landmarks To Mark The Hour

Are you a global jetsetter who still hasn't quite adopted a smartphone as your primary timekeeper? Well, if you still prefer a trusty watch, and you have a knack for recognising famous landmarks around the world, Mr Jones' new Time Traveller will guarantee you're on time no matter where on Earth you've landed.

Telling time isn't quite as straightforward as it is with a traditional watch, but you're trading ease of use for added functionality. The Time Traveller's face actually features a 24-hour layout instead of 12, and you simply use one of the 16 familiar landmarks as your hour hand. If you're in London, you should focus on Big Ben. If you're in New York, then it's the Statue of Liberty. And minutes are displayed by a small red bird that sweeps around the watch face every hour. At $210, the Time Traveller isn't obscenely priced, but it is limited to just 100 pieces. So no matter where on earth you are, the time to snatch one up is right now.

[Watchismo via The Gadgeteer]

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