Thor: The Dark World Trailer Lands With Mjölnir’s Thunder...

Phase two of Marvel’s plan to take over the cinematic universe is truly underway. Iron Man 3 hits Aussie screens tomorrow (stay tuned for Luke’s review on Thursday), and now the first trailer for October’s Thor sequel has arrived. And it looks like Natalie Portman is having a pretty rough day...

I wasn’t hugely into the Thor comics, but the first movie pleasantly surprised me. Not sure how I feel about part two yet...but I’ve been getting into History Channel’s Vikings of late, so I’m kinda into the Nordic thing at the moment...


    It is an interesting thing that is proposed at the start of the video: was there darkness before the Big Bang?
    Darkness is defined as "polar to brightness, an absence of visible light"
    And since there was no light before e Big Bang that criteria would follow.
    But does there need to exist an area for there to be no light in?
    Without space and time can the absence of light be said to exist?

    I can't have been the only one who though of that.

    Anyway, very cool trailer. I would have liked to see a bit more of earth; but I guess they can't have it attacked by cosmic monstrosities every single year can they?

      Interesting question - I think the concept of darkness is given to us by eyes which are made to detect light. So maybe there's no darkness without eyes to observe it.
      Also maybe darkness should not be considered a thing so much as the absence of a thing...

    Always though Thor was one of the lame characters of the comic universe up there with silver surfer and aquaman .

    Natalie Portman sure is looking her years. All down hill from here Nat.

    The child like, waif look certainly does have a premature used by date. She's fallen
    out of the weird look tree and will hit every branch on the way down I reckon. Looks like
    she's in the early stages of one of those premature aging diseases.

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      What sort of medication you on zaphodity. What a moronic rant.

        Well it's true. Some women who when they're young, have this child like, girlish beauty about them that suits them in their younger years, but when they get older, just makes them look freakish. Nat looks like she's had a face lift for christ sakes.
        Here's what I mean, but the male version:

        You just haven't got enough miles on the speedo, and a keen eye for beauty like I have. And another thing while I'm here. Thor is a GOD for Christ sakes, his bulge between his legs needs to be bigger. His balls should hit the ground before he does.

        Oh yeah, I discovered this today on my internet wanderings, check her out.

        Worthy of a God Of Thunder.

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