This Watch's Wheel Of Weather Lets You Know What To Wear

We rarely think twice about the technological complexity behind checking the forecast on our smartphones. But an intricately detailed mechanical watch, like Breva's new Genie 01, that tells you what the weather will be like? There's something still wonderfully fascinating about checking a forecast that's produced and displayed via a series of complex analogue mechanisms.

Using a pair of expanding metal capsules that work as an anaerobic barometer, the Genie 01 measures air pressure and altitude to indicate the current weather conditions on an analogue dial that sits to the right of its traditional clock face. The watch also packs a 65 hour power reserve so you don't have to worry about winding it for at least a couple of days, and a skeleton-like see-through front and back panel letting you visually explore the complex mechanisms inside.

In theory it's the perfect tool for adventurous mountaineering types who need to stay on top of the changing weather conditions. But with an alligator leather strap, a white or rose gold housing, and a price tag just north of $US150,000, the limited edition run of 110 pieces will probably be targeted more towards obscenely wealthy collectors.

[Breva via DamnGeeky]

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