This Pretty, Portable Fireplace Looks Fit To Burn Rocket Fuel

Sure, it's easy to whip yourself up a old-school backyard fire-pit with a ring of rocks and whole lot of ugly. But wouldn't you rather have a portable, modular fireplace that looks ready to blast off to the stars? Who wouldn't?

Faro is a stark, simple-but-beautiful test-kitchen for you pyromaniacal tendencies. Designed by Rui Pereira and Ryosuke Fukusada — of wooden lightbulb fame — Faro can be configured with an ethanol burner for indoor use, but can support good ol' wood if you're in the backyard.

Ideally, the Faro will spark technology-free communication. Fukusada puts it this way: "The proliferation of PCs and smartphones has created wider chasms around the individual. Places for people to come together and communicate are becoming more and more rare." And theoretically, the Faro should fix that? Maybe.

The fireplace is making it's premier at this year's Milan Design Week, and hopefully it'll make its way to market soonish; who doesn't want a little rocket in their backyard? [Inhabitat via Spoon & Tomago]

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