This Portrait Of Old Star Wars Characters Should Be The Poster For Star Wars Episode VII

Since it's pretty much an open secret that the old cast members of the original Star Wars trilogy are coming back for the next movie, this portrait of them at their current age should absolutely be the next movie poster for Episode VII.

Hand painted by artist Adam Schickling, the portrait captures our favourite heroes with all their beautiful wrinkles.

It's perfect! It's an ode to the original movie posters while still being accurate to the years that have passed. Adam Schickling said:

"I created this Star Wars poster depicting the characters from the Original trilogy as they would appear in the new movie. Since there is no cast yet for the new movie I thought it would be cool to create a poster with some of my favourite characters from the Star Wars Universe. This illustration is 30 X 40 in. and was drawn and painted by hand."

Now if the new movie doesn't come with this poster, I'm going to be mad. Maybe Adam will come out with some prints for his excellent piece though. [Adam Schickling via Design Taxi]

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