This Is The Best Social Experiment You'll Ever See

Getting people on the internet to follow instructions is like herding drunken cats through a minefield, so you won't believe how manages to get hundreds of people to do what they're told at once with the help of a simple video.

DoNotTouch is a site that plays a video in the background while recording your mouse movements on the site. The video then asks you a bunch of questions like what sex you are, where you're from and where you'd like to go. Interestingly, the clickers all follow orders and most of them answer the question in seconds.

The challenges become even more entertaining when users are asked to make masks for people singing or become the opponent of someone boxing. It gets a bit NSFWish at one stage when users are asked to cover up a nude model. A few of them comply.

It's actually meant to be a celebration of the mouse pointer as we move towards a more touch-oriented world. Whether it's a bizarre social experiment or mouse pointer tribute, it's wonderful.

Thanks to Lachlan for sending this in like the hero he is.

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