This Infinitely Configurable Table Was Made For Flip Floppers

If you're super wishy washy, we have the ideal piece of furniture for you. D*Haus's D*Table can be configured anyway you like.

The table actually works based on the mathematical principle discovered by Henry Ernest Dudeney that a perfect square can become a perfect equilateral triangle when you carve it up into four different shapes and rearrange them. Following that rule, the table has four components that are connected by removable hinges. So you can use them as separate pieces or arrange them into eight different styles.

Each piece has plenty of storage space in the form of shelves, drawers, cubby holes and magazine racks to stash your stuff. If this chameleon-like piece actually becomes a real thing — it's on Kickstarter at the moment — it will be perfect for your ever-changing decor. [Kickstarter via Design-Milk]

Pictures: D*Haus; GIF: Michael Hession

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