This Guy Is The Best Wingsuiter On The Planet

...or at least the craziest. This video will make your heart stop.

His name is Alexander Polli, and he's a BASE jumper and wingsuit-extraordinaire who decided that he'd throw himself out of a helicopter in order to perfectly sail through a tiny hole in a giant rock wall in Spain.

If he gets it wrong, he hits a rock wall at 250km/h. If he gets it right, he's a hero.

Watch the video and you will believe a man can fly.


    "Watch the video and you will believe a man can fly."
    Quite the opposite.
    He might well have done that stunt amazingly, but the vid looks like shots from a drone + shots of his form being inserted for the parts where he goes through the hole.
    It might very well be real, but the video looks fake.

      I kind of agree with ozoneocean, he's got a gopro on his helmet yet they fail to show you a video of him going through the hole from that point of view, I wonder why...

        Actually to shows him going through the hole twice with two different gopros strapped to him....

        Watch it again...
        1:38 and 1:40.

    If he started to celebrate as he went through I assume he would lose control, how does he land this thing? Even with the wingsuit surely his terminal velocity would be way to fast to land with!?

      In far cry 3, you use the wingsuit for travel/movement and a parachute for landing. He's got a backpack on in the video, so I assume that's accurate

      right you are, nobody has landed a wingsuit without a parachute.

        dude in the UK did it not that long ago, landed on a freakin huge pile of boxes......

    When I saw the still image my first thought was "Ohh..flying penguin?"

    That's not flying, it's falling, with style.

    The most dangerous part of this stunt was going up in the Robinson...

    Steve0 said exactly what I did.... so I rescind my comment, :(

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