This Bobbing Display Lets You Read While Running On A Treadmill

There's a recent fitness trend that sees people switching from a traditional desk to working on a treadmill to maximise their physical activity. The problem is that at anything more vigorous than a casual stride, it's difficult to read a static display while on a treadmill. At least until researchers at Purdue University commercialise their new ReadingMate system.

The user wears a set of custom goggles featuring a set of invisible infrared LEDs, which are tracked by a camera near the monitor. The mostly vertical motion of the runner's head is then matched by the on-screen text, which bobs up and down in unison, making even small text far easier to read. And besides making a workout at the gym even more productive, the system could benefit pilots or heavy equipment operators who also rely on displays while they're being bounced about. [Purdue University via Gizmag]

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