This Australian House Has A Pool With An Island, And Nothing Else Matters

Do you need to know anything else about the Canterbury House in Victoria once you find out it has a pool with an island in the middle? Nope. Sold!

The Canny-designed Australian home was inspired by the summer. And can't you tell? Most of its walls aren't walls at all but sliding glass doors. And there's plenty of room to move about, with four bedrooms and four living areas. Not that any of that matters once the island is on the table.



    well my neighbor's pool has a family of small whales in it.

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      Bloody fat people ai.

    meh, this is one of those features that look good on paper but in reality are pretty rubbish, also those steps going to the island looks like a recipe for disaster after you have had a few drinks or for clumsy people or kids running around.

    Canterbury, the suburb of Melbourne? Unless you're a polar bear, the pool [and the island] will be Just Too Cold for about 70% of the year. Those windows better be double glazed too, or the "inspired by summer" means you'll be huddled around the token fireplace.
    Open Plan, too: no doors to close off [to trap heat in winter] and downlighting everywhere [maximum electric cost for least actual useful light].

      Some wanker property developer with their pet architect. This is pretty standard fare really and always impresses the pants off of a certain class of people.
      It's about trying to make money off of land speculation normally- this is their little show-pony to drive demand.

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      I can't remember the last time I was in a newer EER 4.5 or higher home that wasn't open plan.

      Conversely, all the shitboxes I've ever been in that have been impossible to heat EER 1 houses have had doors to close up which fail at trapping heat in winter.

      I'd say it's a holiday home, if nothing else.
      I wouldn't want to live in that thing 24/7, especially not during the famed "Melbourne Weather" season, wherein you people get all 4 weather seasons in one day.

    I wondre what the council will say about the required fence around the pool. Looks very illegal to me. You can't even build a birth bath with building one this days.

      There is a fence - the house fence. If your pool extends all the way to the fence that IS the pool fence...

      The doors just need to be automatically closing. im sure they are and you can sleep easily.

    I can't see Metallica in any of those screenshots. Headline is a lie.

    This is probably a bit more a novelty for northern hemisphere types than for Aussies. I've seen a few private places with pool islands before. I kind of think they're dumb because they take up so much of the pool that you feel like you're swimming in a moat. I'd be more impressed with the sort of pool-island that a mega-rich super-villain would own i.e. complete with an underwater submarine base, a piranha enclosure, and a volcano. Wannabe art union display homes just don't cut the mustard.

    I love the look of it, but unless there is some unlisted features, oiling that deck (particularly the island) could be a lot of hassle, might get runoff into the pool.

    So part of the sales pitch is shares in Windex...

    So where is the pool fence? Council should be investigating.

      Exactly what I was thinking.... potential death trap.

    I like the idea, but the pool is undersized.

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