This App Creates Art Based On Your Movements... While You Sleep

There's no shortage of sleep-related apps on the App Store, most purporting to provide a better night's rest. The Ibis Sleep Art app, however, doesn't claim to do anything to help you drift off (or wake up)... what it will do is transform your nocturnal exertions into pretty pictures.

Like a number of other sleep apps, it uses the motion-sensing gizmos inside your device to track your movements while you're unconscious. The end result is a free-flowing, sci-fi-looking image.

The description doesn't explain exactly how it works, but I imagine if you're a restless sleeper, your images will look more erratic than someone who spends their eight hours impersonating a log.

Yes, it's not particularly useful, but if you're a budding artist and listening to instructional MP3s as you sleep has gotten you nowhere, with this app, at least you can be productive while you get some shut-eye.

The app appears compatible with the iPhone 4, 4S and 5 only, though it's free to download if you'd like to try it on something else.

[App Store, via DVICE]

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