This Accordion-Shaped House Doesn't Quite Fit In

This meandering house was planned around a central narrow corridor, resulting in its accordion-like shape. Designed by FujiwaraMuro Architects, it's a bit out of place in a Japanese residential neighbourhood filled with traditional homes.

Its shape looks like a snake drawn in a cubist style. The main hallway shrinks and curves and expands in two places — once in the middle for a living room area and again at the end for a dining room. Jutting out on either side are various timber-cloaked spaces like bedrooms, bathrooms and a kitchen that look like a collection of boxes organised in a careful collage. The place isn't exactly your run-of-the-mill white picket fence home. On first glance you might guess it was an office building or something else entirely. But sometimes it doesn't hurt to be a little out of tune.


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