These Sleek Rocking Horses Are As Good An Excuse As Any To Have Kids

There's nothing wrong with being a kid at heart. You just have to get used to people looking at you suspiciously as you wander through toy stores. And while this gorgeous set of curvaceous rocking horses designed by Next of Kin Creatives are far too small for adults, they're the perfect justification for finally starting a family.

Sadly there's no pricing or availability info on either the Rocking Moto — inspired by 1970s cafe racers — or the stealthy carbon fibre Dark Horse. But they both do exist, and were on display at the recent Tortona Design Week in Milan. So if you back a dump truck full of money up to their studio, maybe you can convince them to part with the pair for your nursery.

[Next of Kin Creatives via Yanko Design]

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