These Guys Built A Backyard Jet Engine. Watch Them Do A Test Burn

This weekend, you might head out to your garage, shed or makeshift propulsion lab and whip up a little do-it-yourself project. A chair, a table perhaps. Maybe even a jet engine. OK... that last one is a bit of a stretch. That is unless you're the crew over at MAKE Magazine, who figured that building a turbojet would be a cool thing to do.

Watching the video, it's easy to come to the conclusion that yes, putting a jet engine together is rather neat, despite being beyond the reach of most tinkerers. For MAKE, however, it's all part of a plan to construct a go-kart that derives forward motion from a big-arse plume of fiery awesomeness.

The jet doesn't run for very long, but this is just a recording of one of several attempts to get a sustained burn going. I'm sure upcoming videos will grow in impressiveness, especially once it's strapped to the back of a tiny one-seater.

[YouTube, via MAKE]

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